Learn how to find the high notes in your songs! Find your mix voice! Have fun learning singing technique! Courses uniquely designed for the young contemporary singer and provide an introduction to singing technique.

Hi! I am so happy you are here! Welcome to my online Intro class! I have taught this Intro class online for 3 years. It has been popular so I created this video version of the class for students that cannot make the scheduled classes as well as for students who are not local. I have worked with this technique as a singer and teacher for 20 years and have organized the material to bring you what I have found to be the most effective and easily applied exercises for the young beginning singer. If you'd like to know more about me my Bio is below!


Jennifer has taught young singers in the the NYC metropolitan area since 2012. She has observed hours and hours of voice lessons of children Broadway singers in NYC using this technique. The technique focuses on posture and healthy, efficient coordination of the mix voice. She loves helping singers find ease and efficiency in the singing voice and freedom throughout the range of the voice.

Jennifer continues to consult with master voice teachers so that she can continue to learn and grow as an artist and teacher, and aims to bring her students the highest quality and most effective vocal technique. 

Jennifer has studied voice with master teachers in New York City and Los Angeles since 1993, and teaches a professional technique designed to give the individual singer freedom - whether singing pop, rock, jazz, Broadway or classical style. Jennifer believes in the uniqueness of each singer/voice and loves sharing this innovative technique with her students who range in age from 7 - 70. A singer and award-winning songwriter, coming from an eclectic background studying and performing in multiple genres from opera, Broadway/cabaret, pop, folk, Celtic/Irish to jazz/folk in New York City and Los Angeles, Jennifer knew from the beginning of her private vocal studies over 20 years ago that she wanted a vocal technique that would enable her to sing in any style. Finding the Seth Riggs technique of speech level singing while living in LA in 1999 and having the privilege of studying with some of his very first associate teachers enabled her to do this. 

Since leaving Los Angeles in 2001 and moving back home to NYC Jennifer continued to use the technique as she found it to be the most useful and effective technique in both her own singing and with her students.

Her voice teachers have included Marko Lampas (Juilliard School, Operatic Tenor NYC), Mary Saunders (Bel Canto/canBelto (“mixed belt” and legit Broadway), NYC), Michael Goodrich (Seth Riggs Technique, Master Teacher, Los Angeles, CA) and Badine Magaziner (Juilliard School Faculty, Seth Riggs Technique Master Teacher, New York, NY).

 She has also studied songwriting and music theory with Berklee College of Music, and jazz piano with Dave Frank School of Jazz NYC. Many of her songs have placed in songwriting contests and her songwriting has been recognized by national wild horse advocacy non-profit organizations. When not teaching or singing, Jennifer ‘moonlights’ (or rather ‘daylights’) as an equine massage therapist in Somerset County NJ.

Jennifer recently completed comprehensive certification as a Pilates instructor and continues to be inspired by the principals of proper alignment and posture in singing to encourage efficiency and balanced coordination in the singing voice.